July 18, 2019
1 Year and 2 days left
until our celebration.

Hello Bijou Family!

Welcome to our 2019 Bijou Family Reunion website.  

I would like to start by giving THANKS to God for blessing us with an incredible family!

A Letter From The Board:
First, the board would like to thank everyone that volunteered to help create this great memory!  Now... please meet the board.

President: Michael Bijou
Vice President:  Zena Bijou
Secretary: Shakira Tanese
Treasurer: LaShada Smith

     I am Zena Bijou, the 2019 Family Reunion Board Vice President.  My mother is Brenda Bijou, daughter of William John Bijou, Sr., son of Joseph R Bijou, son of Manuel Bijou...  "Bridge To Our Past, Present, and Future."

     This page is created to let you all know the plans for the 2019 Bijou Family Reunion is in full swing, the location for the reunion is Oxon, Maryland and the dates are July 18th - 21st, 2019.  

     The theme for the 2019 Family Reunion is "Bridge To Our Past, Present & Future.", which we feel is appropriate for our inaugural Bijou Family Reunion it will be the first time we are gathering to share our family history, meeting new family, and creating traditions.  

     The board members are very honored and excited to host our upcoming reunion, we have already begun planning, so we wanted to take this time to share a couple of things with you.  
     Presently, we are in the development phase of this website, keep in mind, it is under construction, but if you visit the site frequently, you will see changes occurring...
     We are very excited; we have 1 year, 7 months and 27 days leading up to the 2019 Reunion.  We would love for everyone to attend, it will be our time to continue to form lasting relationships, meet new family and most of all have a Great Time!!!!

     The board knows that we have much work to do as we prepare to organize a memorable family reunion, so keep your eyes open for mailings, emails, and Facebook.  

Blessing & Love
Zena Bijou, Vice President
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